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The Early History of Warwick District and Pioneers of the Darling Downs  
1 CDs | Thomas Hall | 140pp | (1925) 2007 | AU4001 | $18.49

This history was written in 1923 because it was felt that the history of the "very earliest settlement of the Southern Corner of the Darling Downs has been brushed aside". Thomas Hall writes about the history and pioneers of the Warwick District and Darling Downs region. Details of its discovery and (more info...)
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Handbook to the Colony of Tasmania 1858  
1 CDs | 25pp | (1858) 2007 | AU6001 | $6.95

This Handbook to the Colony of Tasmania was one of a series of similar guides to the Australian colonies written by the editor of the Australian and New Zealand Gazette as information
for potential emigrants.

It mentions the convict period, the geography and description of (more info...)
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History of Bendigo 1891  
1 CDs | George Mackay | 224pp | (1891) 2007 | AU7008 | $22.49

Bendigo in 1891 had a population of about 100,000 people which placed it as the third largest regional centre in Victoria after Geelong and Melbourne.

This volume charts the history of the town and city in the 40 years since it was founded in 1851, when gold was discovered. Word of the (more info...)
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Bibliography of Western Australia 1923  
1 CDs | F. Steere | 186pp | (1923) 2006 | AU8007 | $18.49

The "Bibliography of Western Australia 1923" was compiled by Francis G. Steere and is fully titled ‘A bibliography of books, articles and pamphlets dealing with Western Australia issued since its discovery in 1616.

It includes separate sections on discovery and early voyages, travel and (more info...)
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Parish Register for Wimbledon, Co. Surrey  
1 CDs | IE5016 | $22.95

Published in London in 1924 for the John Evelyn Club for Wimbledon, the Parish Register for Wimbledon, Co. Surrey, is the complete record of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in the parish from January 1539 until 1812.

The keeping of Parish Registers in England was instituted on 5th September (more info...)
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Bury Wills & Inventories  
1 CDs | IE5017 | $22.95

Published by the Camden Society in 1850 and edited by the treasurer and secretary to the Bury and West Suffolk Archaeological Institute, Samuel Tymms, the "Wills and Inventories from the Registers of the Commissary of Bury St. Edmund's and the Archdeacon of Sudbury", is a fascinating collection of (more info...)
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The Manchester Directory, 1773  
1 CDs | IE5018 | $11.49

The first edition of any directory detailing the tradespeople of Manchester was published as the Manchester Directory in 1772 by Mrs Elizabeth Raffald and second edition quickly followed in 1773. This CD-Rom republication of the Manchester Directory is taken from an 1889 republication of the (more info...)
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Some Westmoreland Wills 1686 - 1738  
1 CDs | IE5019 | $13.99

The first edition of Some Westmoreland Wills was published in Kendal by Titus Wilson & Son in 1928. The Wills and Administrations, including many inventories span the periods 1686 to 1738 and were edited by John Somervell, the author of Isaac and Rachel Wilson, Quakers, of Kendal, 1714-1785. All of (more info...)
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Kellys Directory of Gloucester, 1935 (with map)  
1 CDs | IE5020 | $22.95

Published in London in 1935, Kelly's Directory of the County of Gloucester boasted that the publication was the 'oldest and largest directory published in the world'. While this may or may not have been an idle boast county directories always contain a plethora of fascinating information and Kelly's (more info...)
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New Zealanders and the Boer War  
1 CDs | 304pp | 2007 | NZ0006 | $22.49

New Zealanders and the Boer War or soldiers from the Land of the Moa is a history of what New Zealanders did and saw in South Africa during the boer war. The book is both the author's narrative of what occured and a compilation of private letters, newspaper clippings and press reports from (more info...)
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Macfarlane’s Genealogical Collections  
1 CDs | 1099pp | (1900) 2007 | SCA001 | $37.95

A wonderful collection of genealogies of ancient Scottish families compiled originally in the mid 18th century by Walter Macfarlane “one of the most laborious and accurate antiquaries of his age.”

It was re-published in two volumes as Genealogical Collections Concerning Families in Scotland (more info...)
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Lawrence County PA Directory (1914-15)  
0 CDs | 2004 | US0119-DL | $14.95

This book lists all the men with their trade, for each place in Lawrence County in Pennsylvania. It is even possible to locate ancestors living out of town, they are listed in alphabetical order, in a separate section, along with details of their nearest town and 'Rural Free Delivery Route'.

more info...)
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Immigrants to New England, 1700-1775  
1 CDs | Ethel Stanwood Bolton, compiler | 239pp | (1931) 2009 | US0222 | $9.95

Bolton sets forth information on about two-thousand five-hundred individuals and families who migrated to New England during the first three-quarters of the eighteenth century. She provides information on their place of origin, date of arrival, residence and, when available, on other family members. (more info...)
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