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Gazetteer of the State of New York: Embracing a Comprehensive View of the Geography, Geology, and General History of the State, and a Complete History and Description of Every County, City, Town, Village, and Locality...  
1 CDs | J.H. French | 777pp | (1860) 2008 | US0284 | $9.95

This classic and essential volume collects a wide variety of information on the state of New York, treating first of the state as a whole, and then covering all counties, cities and towns. Each section contains topographical and historical data, accompanied by statistical tables on many subjects. (more info...)
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Inscriptions on Tombstones in Madison, Conn., Erected Prior to 1800  
1 CDs | 33pp | (1900) 2008 | US0324 | $4.95

This volume provides complete, verbatim transcriptions of the inscriptions on all tombstones for the town of Madison, Connecticut, (formerly a part of the town of Guilford) with dates prior to 1800. These inscriptions were gathered by a number of transcribers, from four cemeteries in the town.  (more info...)
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The Colonial Laws of Massachusetts. Reprinted From the Edition of 1672, With the Supplements Through 1686.  
0 CDs | William H. Whitmore, ed. | 608pp | (1890) 2008 | US0329-DL | $19.95

The core of this essential reference volume contains complete transcriptions of two compilations of the seventeenth-century laws of Massachusetts Bay Colony: the Body of Liberties of 1641 and the Laws of 1672, with extensive explanatory introductions and detailed subject and name indexes to each. (more info...)
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American Bastile. A History. The Arbitrary Arrests and Imprisonment of American Citizens in the Northern and Border States, on Account of Their Political Opinions, During the Late Civil War  
1 CDs | John A. Marshall | 877pp | (1883) 2008 | US0342 | $14.95

Marshall has gathered about a hundred accounts of persons imprisoned during the Civil War on suspicion of plans to fight for the South or conspire against the North. The narratives contain details of the arrest of the suspect, the conditions during imprisonment and the attempts to obtain release. (more info...)
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Alphabetical Index of Maine Volunteers, Etc., Mustered into the Service of the United States During the War of 1861 (Supplement to the Annual Reports of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine for the Years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 and '66)  
0 CDs | 1111pp | (1867) 2008 | US0348-DL | $24.95

This publication of the State of Maine Adjutant General's office sets forth the names of tens of thousands of men who volunteered for or were drafted for service in the Civil War, along with a shorter list of those drafted in 1863 who furnished substitutes or paid a commutation to avoid service. (more info...)
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A New Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of North America and the West Indies  
1 CDs | Bishop Davenport | map and 537pp | (1838) 2008 | US0350 | $12.95

Gazetteers can be useful tools providing researchers with the location of long extinct places or descriptions of what still extant places were like at an earlier time. They also frequently contain additional items of interest in the hope of enticing purchases. Davenport’s Gazetteer includes lists of (more info...)
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Official Gazetteer of Rhode Island  
1 CDs | Rhode Island Geographic Board in cooperation with the United States Geographic Board | 99pp | (1932) 2008 | US0355 | $9.95

This official compilation gathers together more than five thousand Rhode Island place names in one alphabetical sequence. The list includes political units of the state such as counties, towns and villages, as well as physical features, such as rivers, islands and even exposed rocks in the harbors. (more info...)
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Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families  
0 CDs | S.V. Talcott, compiler | 827pp | (1883) 2008 | US0363-DL | $24.95

Talcott has compiled extensive accounts of twenty-eight New York families and twenty-four New England families, tracing multiple lines of descent for each family from colonial times into the late nineteenth century, based on a wide range of sources, including especially Bible and death records.  (more info...)
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The History of an Old Philadelphia Land Title: 208 South Fourth Street (download)  
0 CDs | John Frederick Lewis | 384pp | (1934) 2008 | US0370-DL | $12.95

Lewis traces the complete ownership history of a single parcel in downtown Phildelphia, gathering data on each owner of the property and on that owner's ancestry and family. Along the way he undertakes digressions to investigate aspects of local history related to this Philadelphia neighborhood.
(more info...)
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1899 Directory of Portland [Maine] and Vicinity, Complete Street Directory, Map of the City and Vicinity (download)  
0 CDs | (1899) 2008 | US0378-DL | $14.95

This turn-of-the-century directory for the city of Portland, Maine, gathers in one place a wide range of residential, occupational, and financial information about the inhabitants of that municipality, combined with additional data on its businesses, civic organizations, and government agencies. (more info...)
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Knots Untied: or Ways and By-Ways in the Hidden Life of American Detectives (download)  
0 CDs | George S. McWatters | 666pp | (1871) 2008 | US0383-DL | $19.95

Witches, horse thieves, bank robbers, charlatans-skeletons in the closet of our family tree! Most of us enjoy the occasional "odd" ancestor if they're far enough back in the family tree. But can we document them. Family stories are often questioned and autobiographies no less so. And then there are (more info...)
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History of Virginia (download)  
0 CDs | Royall Bascom Smithey | 274pp | (1898) 2008 | US0389-DL | $4.95

Compressing over 300 years of history into a small volume, while at the same time making it interesting to school children is an arduous task. This textbook, published in 1898, does an admirable job of pulling together in a readable format, the major events in Virginia’s history. Among items of (more info...)
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Annals and Occurrences of New York City and State, in the Olden Time; Being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents Concerning the City, Country, and Inhabitants... (download)  
0 CDs | John F. Watson | 410pp | (1846) 2008 | US0390-DL | $12.95

Watson has brought together in one place a wide range of information of different sorts on the earliest years of the state and city of New York, covering the periods of discovery and settlement, with information on the Dutch and English settlers, as well as on the indigenous Native Americans.  (more info...)
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Records of the Olden Time; or Fifty Years on the Priaries Embracing Sketches of the Discovery, Exploration, and Settlement of the Country, the Organization of the Counties of Putnam and Marshall, incidents and reminiscences connected... (download)  
0 CDs | Spencer Ellsworth | 751pp | (1880) 2008 | US0602-DL | $14.95

Previously hidden in this over 750-page unindexed volume (but now accessible via this searchable text version) are the names and origins of numerous settlers of Putnam and Marshall County, Illinois. Published in 1880, its author proposed “to trace the early settlement of that portion of our State (more info...)
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A Sketch of the History of Maryland, During the Three First Years Afters Its Settlement  
1 CDs | John Leeds Bozman | 388pp | (1811) 2008 | US0613 | $12.95

Published just 35 years after the establishment of the United States, this interesting volume, which draws heavily from legislative and court records, provides an early perspective on the pre-history of not only colonial Maryland but of the other American colonies as well. The title notes that a (more info...)
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Best Sellers in July 2008
1. Gazetteer of the State of New York
2. New Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of North America and the West Indies
3. A Sketch of the History of Maryland, During the Three First Years Afters Its Settlement
4. American Bastile. A History.
5. Genealogical Notes of New York and New England Families

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