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Road and County Map of Connecticut and Rhode Island and Gazetteer... and Business Directory
Road and County Map of Connecticut and Rhode Island and Gazetteer...and Business Directory
Product Code: US0338
Number of CDs: 1
Author: P.J. Hannifan and Co.
Pages: map + 498
Pub. Date: (1898) 2007
ISBN: 1933828951
Qty in Cart: none

The title of this book is misleading because, although it does contain a detailed color map of Connecticut and Rhode Island, the bulk of the book is designed as a business directory and advisor. It is fascinating in its own right, having been written "With Historical, Biographical, Political, Law, and Other Valuable Information Useful for the Office, Store, and Home." With the business owner principally in mind, it includes a dictionary of business terms and summary of laws relating to contracts, trademarks, naturalization, and suffrage, among others. It also includes examples of legal transactions, contracts, and list of weights and measures, legal holidays, and more. The book is full of interesting articles like how to calculate interest, measure corn in a crib, determine the weight of live cattle, measure crops per acre, detect counterfeit money, among other utilitarian advice for merchants, farmers, and business owners.

Other articles which are revealing of 19th-century life include recipies for housekeepers (cleaning supplies, etc.), antidotes for poison, and rules of etiquette ("Allowing the dress to trail on the street is in exceedingly bad taste.
Note: This book is also among the 10 volumes in our popular Compendium of New England Gazetteers, which is available at 66% OFF the regular retail price of the individual books if purchased separately.
Such a street costume simply calls forth and contempt from the more sensible people.")

There are also summaries, lists, and statistics of world history, temperatures, populations, cities, bridges, mountains, distances, time zones, principal exports, inventions and improvements, world records for on air, land, and sea, and other "Facts Worth Knowing and Remembering." Historians will appreciate a detailed timeline and desciption of causes of the events of U.S. wars, biographies of the heroes of those wars, of signers of the Declaration of Independence, and of Presidents of the United States. For the sake of completeness, the book even includes copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

Of perhaps more interest to family researchers, the book is interspersed with thousands of advertisements of local (Connecticut and Rhode Island) businesses with the names of proprietors, business descriptions, and street addresses.

Summary by Archive CD Books USA

The CD includes high-quality images of every page as originally published (not just a transcript) and is fully searchable using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or later recommended) on any Windows, Macintosh, or Unix computer. The data on this CD is completely self-contained, and requires no installation.

Road and County Map of Connecticut and Rhode Island and Gazetteer... and Business Directory
Price: $19.95

Note: This product is shipped on CD-ROM. To download the product instead, see this product.
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